We’re Never Truly Alone

Hello Everyone,

In my life I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some people that unfortunately are no longer with me. I know this is true for many people around us, whether we know it or not. It’s not until you lose someone that you start to notice just how beautifully strong people around us are, because they continue on with life and live happy lives. You would never even know they lost someone until they tell you. I know this, because that’s how I live my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it because I’m in denial or it didn’t phase me. Not at all, I’ve been devastated every time I lose someone I love. But living a sad life is not at all what they would want for me. So I live a happy life for me and for them. And even more importantly, I do it because I know I may not be able to see them but they never truly leave me. They’re always around guiding me, protecting me and letting me know how much I am loved.

To all my loved ones who have passed on, to all my loved ones here who hurt every day for the ones they’ve lost, to anyone who needs a little reminding that those who we love and lose never truly leave us, I dedicate to you this beautiful dance.

Bindi Irwin performed this for her late father but it is true for any of us who’ve lost someone. And she also reminds us to always be kind to everyone and to live positive meaningful lives.

Much love always,



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