Different Type of Freedoms

Hello Hello,

As a child I always looked up to twenty-something year olds and imagined how put together they were. They always seemed older, wiser and it always fascinated me how free they were. Free from parents, free from school, freedom to do whatever they wanted. As a kid, that kind of freedom was the dream. They always seemed so amazing and so out of reach. I couldn’t wait to become one of them.

Young me always imagined being married by 23 and having kids by 25. To me grocery shopping, paying bills and having my own house seemed exciting. What young me didn’t realize was how crazy that actually seems at 25.

At 25 I couldn’t imagine myself being married or having kids anytime soon. Inside, I still feel like a kid. Sometimes, I like to think of what young me expected of people my age and I laugh because to me now that seems so crazy. But also, it’s what I now see in thirty-something year olds. They seem to have a grip on life, and to have things more together than I do now. And truth is, at thirty-something, I will probably be saying the same thing.

At 25 I imagine how carefree I was as a child. How liberating it was to not have responsibilities, to not have people depending on you, where doing the wrong thing was okay because you were just a kid and you didn’t know any better. As a kid, recess and nap time were not only acceptable but things that were important enough for your growth to be included in school. Now, we don’t do that because we are too busy rushing through life. Whenever I get the chance, I try to remember that carefreeness of being a child and give myself a few minutes to live in that state of mind.

As a kid, you never imagine how much different life will actually turn out to be than what you expect. And as an adult, you remember how silly it was to think the things you did when you were young. At 25, I am nowhere near as mature, settled, and confident as I thought I would be. And I am nowhere near having life figured out as much as I imagined I would be. But the great thing is life has different stages of freedom.

As a young kid, you are free from responsibilities, or should I say burdens, bills, tough decisions, and relationships. As a kid, all you’re expected to do is enjoy your childhood, make friends and be happy. As an adult you have the freedom to spend your money however you would like. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you’re aware of the consequences. You are free to follow any dream you desire, as long as you truly believe in yourself. And my favorite, you are free to go anywhere that money can buy.

I’m sure the next stage of my life will bring me new freedoms, but it’s important to never forget your past freedoms too. Because those past freedoms have allowed you to not only enjoy each phase of your life, but also learn from them. So take whatever freedom you have right now and use it to its full capacity because you only have right now.

Much love always,


PS- Take a minute and think back to what you thought you were going to be like at the age you are now. How close are you? Are you happy with  how close or different you are? If not, are you going to do anything to change? Leave a comment below letting me know!


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