We Should All Be Feminists

Hello Everyone,

A very popular conversation topic lately is Feminism. And that is wonderful! We have started talking about the issue. That is the first step. But now that we’ve started the conversation, we need to take action. First, I’d like for everyone to watch this video below. Men, women, boys and girls, and everyone in between needs to watch it.


Although this video talks about experiences in Nigeria, it rings true around the world. Women around the world feel this discrimination. Even in first world countries, the disrespect towards women is the exact same. I could talk on and on about this, but she did such a beautiful job of explaining that the message comes across loud and clear.

Most of the issues we have are from the lack of knowledge. Feminism used to be a word people hated because no one truly understood it’s meaning. Now people are starting to understand it’s not a negative word, but actually a very positive one. It is a word that promotes change and justice. It’s a word that fights for women to be treated as men’s equal. It’s a very important word.

I was lucky enough to grow up with strong women role models in my life. But equally as important, the men in my life never treated me inferior either. The women in my life showed me strong women willing to break stereotypes. My grandmother grew up in the generation where women were taught to be housewives, but she decided to be one of the few women judges and ended up becoming president of the court in her state. And my mother was always very successful, then gave up her career to take care of her children and is now pursuing her Masters degree. My cousin, unafraid of taking leaps moved to the US when we had no family here to go to college and make a life for herself here. Women in my life have shown me what true courage is and what it means to fight for what you want regardless of what society tells you. And the men in my life, have been the biggest supporters of anything we have wanted to do.

That has set me and my sister up for success. Because we have never been held back within our family to pursue our dreams or do things people claim to be for men. Which means we have also been taught how to treat our children, the future generation, how to be positive changes in the world. And honestly, that makes me really excited!

Much love always,


PS- GO SWEDEN for making the book of this talk required reading for school. Now the rest of the world needs to get on board as well!


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