Let a Little Magic into Your Life


Sometimes in this harsh world, we too often think of the horrible things happening and forget that there is also wonderful things happening in our lives. More often than not, we forget the things we are fortunate to have that others might not. Whether they are experiences, memories or material things we need to be grateful for each and every thing in our life. And when we feel discouraged, all we need is to bring a little magic into our lives. No, sadly not real wizard magic, even though that would be pretty awesome, I’m talking about kindness and happiness. In this muggle world we live in, kindness and happiness is our form of magic, good magic that is. It truly is magical because happiness and kindness is contagious. By carrying out those acts, you are likely to make someone smile even if it’s just for a second, that is if you don’t make their whole day. So I encourage you on the days you are feeling the lowest, do an act of kindness (word or action), and see how you feel afterwards. We may not have wands and a real life Hogwarts, even though I wish we did, we do have a form of magic at our disposal every single day. Use it often.

Much love always,


PS- The most powerful kind of magic in this world, or any world, is love. Whether you read it in fairy tales, Harry Potter, or any other book, you often see that love is the most powerful magic of all. And more often than not, no amount of magic created can make you truly love someone. Always remember that.




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