A Letter to My High School English Teacher

Dearest English Honors Teacher,

Thank you.

Thank you for teaching me that English was much more than five paragraphs, a thesis statement and a conclusion. Thank you for teaching me to expand my mind. Thank you for letting me run wild on the pages of my notebook, writing whatever came to mind in no particular organized form. But most of all thank you for teaching me one of the greatest things I could have learned, that I can write. And not only that I can, in fact, write, but that I can write well.

Because of you, I’ve started this blog. I wrote for the website at work, and have aspirations within the writing world. You opened a whole new world that I didn’t even know was there for me. You showed me that I have a voice, a voice I can use through writing.

Also, thank you for teaching me to be open to life. For showing me that I can be many things at once. We didn’t talk much outside of class, so I’m not sure if you were aware of just how much you’ve impacted my life. People always talk about influential teachers in their life, and I thought that didn’t apply to me. That was, until I reflected on how I got to where I am and I realized how much of a stepping stone your class truly was. I hope others have a teacher as wonderful as you who not only teach them about the subject they are knowledgeable in, but also about themselves.

Thank you forever. Thank you for all the wonderful lessons you taught me.

Much love,

From the girl that mostly sat quiet in your class, but whose ears were always open. The girl who took more than just English in your class.


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