I decided to compile all the recipes into one page in case you wanted to look at only the recipes.

The letter next to the recipe will tell you who made the recipe! 🙂 Enjoy!

Recipe #1- How To Survive The Real World (N)- Probably our most important Recipe

So here’s my invariable recipe and advice to the Real World:

Fear nothing.
Make mistakes and learn from them.
Most of all, have fun!

Vicky’s Addition: NEVER live in regrets! Enjoy every minute of your life.  Make plans & be spontaneous! Be adventurous. Always, always believe. 


Recipe #2- How To Survive A Heartbreak (N)


one pint of ice cream (additional amount may be required based on degree of said broken heart)
one stack of sappy movies (Women: can substitute with “Men suck, women rule” genre)
one comfy couch
and one best friend 🙂


People cope with heartbreak differently:

finding that special rebound at the local bar
burning every picture with the two of you
throwing his things out a third floor window (always wanted to do that…)
stalking the new girlfriend
vandalizing some of the dbag’s personal property

…among countless other personal vendettas.  So this recipe can be modified to your situation.  Add a raid of the local supermarket’s junk food isle or a really long car ride rant with your best friend. Modify the recipe to your liking…and don’t forget to pig out real world

PS- Quick note from Vicky here, I could not agree more with N’s recipe!! I would highlight the key element here is whatever the situation may be have someone with you, whether it’s a female or male best friend, your sister or even your mom (if that’s how you roll). In whatever situation I have found that having someone comforting you, even if its being quiet and just holding you, it’s the best medicine in the world. It makes you realize you are never alone! And as far as the additional things N mentioned I have also always wanted to throw something out a window….let’s hope I don’t actually do that…. but definitely adjust the recipe to your liking. And remember crying is OKAY! 🙂 Stay strong my friends prince charming/princess ideal will come!!


Recipe #3- How to Survive the Cold (V)


  • Water
  • Lotion
  • Chapsticks
  • Lots of Scarves
  • A LOT of Clothes
  • Warm Drinks
  • Soups
  • Tissues
  • Cough Drops


1. The cold season brings one nasty thing we all hate, dryness. Therefore keep a water bottle with you at all times, even if you don’t feel thirsty make sure you drink some. This also includes incredibly dry hands, therefore make sure you carry a small lotion with you at all times. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Your skin will thank you for it, and it will prevent cracks in your skin. This includes the several Chapsticks you will go through. (It is a mystery to most why we can never actually go through an entire one without losing it, buy a pack.) Also depending on how your home is, a humidifier might be essential.

2. If you’re anything like me then you get cold incredibly easy! Make sure you have layers of clothing. Somewhere could be really hot indoors but it doesn’t justify being cold outside. (I wear leggings under my work pants everyday!) This includes showing off the numerous scarves you’ve bought for no reason. (Let’s be honest, you have way more scarves than humanly necessary. Oh you don’t? Well, I do…) And it’s also a time to show off all those winter hats you’ve been accumulating. (You get the point, I’m a clothes hoarder and I always need excuses to wear it all)

3. Another way to make sure you are always warm: DRINK WARM DRINKS! Whether that is tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Having a warm drink will make you feel warm and fuzzy without needing to be in love. (We all know my love life is in shambles so a warm drink is closest I get to that feeling.)

4. On the theme of warmness, this is the season for soups. First off they are just simply delicious and easy to make/get. If you need a quick lunch, always a great go to. Another benefit, other than having a warm meal inside you (that sounds incredibly creepy) is more often than not the calorie count on it is low. So you can stick to your new years resolution to lose weight! Plus it’s filling!

5. I have no idea how some people look so cute and attractive in the winter season. It is the one season I look the worst in public. I’m not sure why, but it looks like I have a constant cold. My nose is ALWAYS running in the cold. Therefore I’m always blowing my nose, super sexy I know. So the next reccomendation I have is, always keep a packet of tissues. You can never be too safe, (My bag is kind of like Mary Poppins’, you can find anything in it.)

7. And for safety sake, always carry with you some cough drops. You never know when that horrible cough will strike. And either way they’re delicious and help you with your breath. It’s a Life Saver. (See what I did there…You’re not that clever….)


Recipe #4- How to Have A Nice Friday Night In (because its too cold to go outside) (V)


  • TV
  • Computer
  • Chocolate (Yes it is its own category)
  • Ice Cream
  • Junk Food (Chips, candy, etc)
  • Cellphone
  • Alcohol
  • PJs

1) Change into PJs the minute you get home.

2) Catch up on all those tv shows you’ve been missing all week. (You know you have at least one. If you’re too cool for tv, watch a movie)

3) Go on  your computer. Spend endless hours on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, whatever floats your boat. (Cry over all those hot celebrities you will never meet! It’s healthy I swear!)

4) Eat anything and everything. You’ve worked hard all week, you’re wearing your pjs there’s no one to impress tonight. And no one can judge you for it. 🙂 Go for it!

5) It is perfectly okay to get drunk alone. Dance around your living room alone. Say all the things outloud you’ve kept in all week.

6) Text that friend you know is also staying in, if you want some sort of human interaction. (F & I do this every weekend when we stay in, cause were cool)

7) It’s nice to take some time for yourself. Do anything you’ve been meaning to do all week to pamper yourself (face masks, nails, etc..)

8) Excuses you can give to people who are inviting you out:

“Not feeling well.”, “I have plans early tomorrow morning, need some sleep.”, “Work was really tough this week, I’m exhausted.”, “Sorry already got plans.” (This one isn’t even a lie,  you have plans with yourself!), “I’m poor.”

Things NOT to say:

“I don’t like you.”, “I’m a loser, & am going to stay in.”, “I’d rather be out with … than you!”

(You get the point.)



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