When Did We All Grow Up?

Hi Everyone, After spending much needed vacation time with family, I came to one shocking realization: we all grew up. When did this happen? How is this possible? Are we no longer part of the “kids” table? When you live surrounded by the same people every single day, you fail to realize that in that […]

Where Do I Fit In?

“Where do I fit in?” Is a question we often face in every stage of our life. For me, it’s been something I’ve always struggled with. The simple fact of moving around allows you to be able to adapt but also makes it so much harder to truly fit in somewhere. But whether you’re a […]

Dear Single Friends,

I may have already posted something similar to this a while back, but I feel like this is something I constantly need to keep talking about. Many friends of mine are worried about being single forever or for a very long time. Funny enough most of those friends are girls. Do guys not worry about […]