A Letter to My High School English Teacher

Dearest English Honors Teacher, Thank you. Thank you for teaching me that English was much more than five paragraphs, a thesis statement and a conclusion. Thank you for teaching me to expand my mind. Thank you for letting me run wild on the pages of my notebook, writing whatever came to mind in no particular […]

Different Type of Freedoms

Hello Hello, As a child I always looked up to twenty-something year olds and imagined how put together they were. They always seemed older, wiser and it always fascinated me how free they were. Free from parents, free from school, freedom to do whatever they wanted. As a kid, that kind of freedom was the […]

Inspiration from the Unlikeliest Places

Good Morning Everyone, As many of you know, last week I was in the sin city, Las Vegas! What an epic trip that was. I even caught myself just standing there thinking “am I really here? Wow!” I am lucky enough to be able to go on trips and have these life experiences and create […]

Dream Home

Growing up many girls dream of two things: their perfect wedding and their perfect house. Today I will be talking about the latter and hopefully giving you a visualization of my dream house. On the outside I like the look of big stones, and a dark door. Almost looking like a castle. On the inside, […]

One Can Only Dream…

So sometimes our dreams take twists and turns that feel so real, that even after being awake for several hours you still remember them as if it actually happen. Today I’d like to tell you all about my dream from last night. Much of the beginning of the dream is a haze. What I do […]

Fate Will Have Its Way

Hello! So I like to think I’m pretty open to anyone who reads this page. Well, today’s post will be another one of those where I open my heart to all of you and tell you what’s really going on. So strap in and let’s go on this ride together. The past two posts I’ve […]

Street Lights, Big Dreams, All looking Pretty

Hello Lovelies,  So the past couple days I have had one idea in my mind consuming my every thought.  New York City. You may be asking, “What the hell are you talking about?”  Well, you see, I want to move there. So let’s take baby steps here. When I was doing my job hunt, Chicago […]