When Did We All Grow Up?

Hi Everyone, After spending much needed vacation time with family, I came to one shocking realization: we all grew up. When did this happen? How is this possible? Are we no longer part of the “kids” table? When you live surrounded by the same people every single day, you fail to realize that in that […]

Family Time for the Holidays

Hello Hello, As you read this post, I will probably be in a plane headed to Brazil for the holiday season. This year is particularly exciting for a few reasons. Firstly, this is the first time we will be spending the holidays in my homeland since we moved away from it fourteen years ago. Secondly, […]

We’re Never Truly Alone

Hello Everyone, In my life I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some people that unfortunately are no longer with me. I know this is true for many people around us, whether we know it or not. It’s not until you lose someone that you start to notice just how beautifully strong people around us are, […]

You Don’t Have To Grow Up

Hello Hello, So a few months ago I was celebrating my little cousin’s birthday and I told him “Don’t Grow Up. I mean it. Stay a kid forever.” And at that time, that made me so sad. And then today I thought to myself “I don’t want to be an adult anymore.” And that’s when it […]

Dearest Car,

Wow, what a run we’ve had. From impromptu trips to Detroit and Indianapolis to see One Direction, to late night dance parties, to moves, to cross country driving, to several other adventures. We have made some unforgettable memories. I’ve grown accustomed to your ways and the way you’ve always protected me and carried me. You’ve […]

Eldest Child, Be Selfish!

Hello Hello, Hopefully the title of this post made you curious enough to click on it. Now, you might be thinking I’m a bad person for telling others to be selfish, instead of telling them to be more giving. But hear me out. As a child/teen you are required to listen to your parents, your teachers […]

Give Yourself Your Best Chance

Hello Hello, So lately I’ve seen a few things that all had the message of “give yourself your best chance.” Most of them had to do with love and relationships and being true to yourself in your partner preference. But I think this message can be true in every aspect of your life. Give yourself […]

Dear Little Brother

Today i want to share something even more personal than I normally do, a letter I wish my little brother could read. Dear Little Brother, First of all, I miss you more than you can imagine. You were taken from this world too soon. But I can’t be mad because I have to believe you […]

Love Has No Label

Good Morning Everyone! For today’s post I want to share and talk about a video I watched. During the video, I got emotional and cried. It’s a beautiful video and everyone NEEDS to watch it. With all the hate, discrimination and war going around we need to spread this video as much as possible. Please […]

Favorite Oscar Acceptance Speeches

Good Morning Everyone, It’s Monday and you’re all getting a new post. WHAAA? But yes,I decided that today deserved a post. If you are a movie lover or an award show lover like me, then you watched the 87th Academy Awards, aka the Oscars. Typically, people talk about the best and worst dressed in blog […]