When Did We All Grow Up?

Hi Everyone, After spending much needed vacation time with family, I came to one shocking realization: we all grew up. When did this happen? How is this possible? Are we no longer part of the “kids” table? When you live surrounded by the same people every single day, you fail to realize that in that […]

Different Type of Freedoms

Hello Hello, As a child I always looked up to twenty-something year olds and imagined how put together they were. They always seemed older, wiser and it always fascinated me how free they were. Free from parents, free from school, freedom to do whatever they wanted. As a kid, that kind of freedom was the […]

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I love you. I hope I tell you that often, because I really do. I hope you know how lucky you are to be loved by me. If you know me, that comment doesn’t come off as conceited. By now, you will know how big of a heart I have and to […]

Where Do I Fit In?

“Where do I fit in?” Is a question we often face in every stage of our life. For me, it’s been something I’ve always struggled with. The simple fact of moving around allows you to be able to adapt but also makes it so much harder to truly fit in somewhere. But whether you’re a […]

Dear Single Friends,

I may have already posted something similar to this a while back, but I feel like this is something I constantly need to keep talking about. Many friends of mine are worried about being single forever or for a very long time. Funny enough most of those friends are girls. Do guys not worry about […]

Dream Home

Growing up many girls dream of two things: their perfect wedding and their perfect house. Today I will be talking about the latter and hopefully giving you a visualization of my dream house. On the outside I like the look of big stones, and a dark door. Almost looking like a castle. On the inside, […]

What Has Society Come To

More often than not I find myself yelling at my sister to put her phone down and talk to me. Or looking disapprovingly to my friends who are on their phones instead of watching the movie playing in front of us. And more than anything judging strangers who are sitting at the dinner table looking […]

What Do You Want To Do?

“What do you want to do?” A question we often hear when we are young and starting out our careers. Or a question often directed at kids who barely even know all the options the world has to offer. And a question I’ve struggled with for many years. Growing up, I felt a strong sense […]