Steps of Binge Watching A New Show

Hello Hello, So I’m not sure how many of you know just how much I love television and movies. And when I’m convinced either by myself or others to start a new show, pacing myself is never an option. And I know many of you out there can relate to binge watching shows. The more […]

Women are Kickass

Hi Everyone, Lately I’ve seen a lot of┬ávideos talking about how awesome women are, and honestly I am LOVING IT! I’ll link below some of those videos. Recently, a lot of spotlight has been brought on to women’s equality, a cause people have been fighting for, for a very long time. I feel that ever […]

The Flash vs The Arrow

Hey Guys, Let me just preempt this by saying that there will be some spoilers if you have not watched both episodes, so before you keep reading PLEASE GO WATCH! Like right now. GO! I’ll wait… Okay done? Good! Let’s begin! One thing you need to know about me is this, I LOVE moving pictures. […]

To Quote or Not To Quote

Hey Guys, So last week with the holidays I really didn’t have time to write a post! I’m sorry!! But I hope you all had lots to eat, I know I at least gained ten pounds from Thanksgiving Day alone, haha. But now that vacation time is over and we’re back to work things are […]