Steps of Binge Watching A New Show

Hello Hello, So I’m not sure how many of you know just how much I love television and movies. And when I’m convinced either by myself or others to start a new show, pacing myself is never an option. And I know many of you out there can relate to binge watching shows. The more […]

Recipe for The Best Way to Watch Sherlock

This is referring to the BBC show Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  Ingredients 1 Dark Room 1 Laptop 1 Pair of Headphones 1 Full Day 1 Netflix Account 0 People with you Steps 1. Separate a whole day for this event. You know that once you watch one episode you’ll want to watch […]

The Flash vs The Arrow

Hey Guys, Let me just preempt this by saying that there will be some spoilers if you have not watched both episodes, so before you keep reading PLEASE GO WATCH! Like right now. GO! I’ll wait… Okay done? Good! Let’s begin! One thing you need to know about me is this, I LOVE moving pictures. […]

The Amazing Race 22

Hey Guys, I know in the past week or so I’ve been sucking on posting everyday, but I’m sorry I just haven’t been feeling like it. And not to mention I’ve been very busy with work. But honestly it’s mostly because I haven’t really felt like writing. Please forgive me and I hope you will […]

Recipe #4 for A Nice Friday Night In (because its too cold to go outside)

  (This is not me or my picture, in case you were wondering.)    Ingredients: TV Computer  Chocolate (Yes it is its own category) Ice Cream Junk Food (Chips, candy, etc) Cellphone Alcohol PJs 1) Change into PJs the minute you get home.  2) Catch up on all those tv shows you’ve been missing all […]