The Worst Part of Vacation

Hello Everyone,

Last night I was met with the sad reality that my vacation was nearly over. But the worst part about it is after 24 hours of traveling I was absolutely exhausted, yet I didn’t want to go to sleep. Because going to sleep meant that my vacation was officially over, and that once I woke up I was back to reality.

Now being awake the next day, it isn’t so bad going back to reality. But considering that I spent the last two weeks surrounded by family and eating delicious home cooked meals in warm weather, it is pretty rough waking up to negative degrees and having to wake up early for work. However, we all have to do it.

All in all, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that if you had vacations anywhere, I hope they were as fantastic as mine were.

Now, back to reality we go for now.

Much love always,



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