Ghosts of the Pasts

Hey Guys, I could write a whole long post on so many things that are whirling inside my mind, but to be perfectly honest I’m tired. And not the I’m physically tired because it’s 3pm, but the I just don’t want to deal with this anymore. You guys know that on here I write a […]

Walking Away is Hard, But Your Heart Will Thank You

In every girls life there are certain pivotal moments that change us for the rest of our lives. Moments that involve a certain matter we would all like to be experts on, love. Love is a driving force behind a lot of what we do. Anything from great leaps of faith to the biggest mistakes […]

You See Excuses, I See Explanations

Hey Hey, So you may or may not have noticed that I have started publishing blog posts every Tuesday and Thursdays. I was doing so well for a bit until I slacked last week. I have very good reasons for that, so I figured today’s post would just be a little update. The first Thursday […]

The Man in the Gray Suit

It was our last night in New Orleans, and we were just looking for fun. We were called to dance on stage and we did so for hours on end. We were loving the spotlight as well as the room to dance. Boys with their arms stretched out towards us, begging to be shown some […]